GTP - The Generic Telemedicine Platform

GTP is the platform in the Region of Southern Denmark where we faster as well as more cost-effectively mature ideas and convert them into specific digitalized healthcare offers for citizens

The Generic Telemedicine Platform (GTP) is an information sharing platform, which makes it possible to improve and strengthen cross sectorial communication and collaboration, Health data is gathered through sensory devices, home monitoring devices and/or personal patient reported outcomes (PRO-data) and thereafter distributed using the GTP. On this platform, ideas are cultivated, the business case can pass its final test and opportunities and obstacles are tested within a safe set-up.

Concurrently with the demographic development in Denmark, more elderly and consequently more multi-ill citizens, a series of new demands will be placed on the future healthcare system. In all likelihood, a massive dissemination of digitalized solutions will take place both as supplements to treatments that already exist and in full replacement of treatments.

Citizens play a central role

Citizens will be given a much more central role in exercising self-care and expectations will especially focus on citizens to partake actively in caring for their own health. Already, citizens are taking measures toward self-care and in the future, these citizens will be gathering data in the form of sensory-, home monitoring- and patient reported outcome data.

GTP makes it possible to meet some of the requirements emerging in a future healthcare system where, in order to accommodate societal development, more of these types of data will be compiled, shared and used in the treatment of citizens across sectors. Data collected from citizens will therefore be used by both clinicians in hospitals, in municipalities and at general practitioners. Just as, to a greater extent, requirements will arise for an easy and quick way to share and access data across sectors and coordinate efforts between sectors.


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