About us

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is the central division for health innovation in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Our main purpose is to support the Regional Council and the Group Management in converting the regional innovation strategy into actions and value creation.

We do this by supporting the hospitals, social and psychiatric facilities as well as the pre-hospital centred area in developing their services to tackle the current and future challenges that the Danish healthcare sector are faced with.

With innovation as our central focus, our work always starts with the needs of the users and we employ co-creation to develop strong solutions that add value for the citizens and for the healthcare sector.

We support the Region of Southern Denmark in manifesting the regional innovation strategy, the region’s healthcare goals, the business development strategy and more.

We see ourselves as:

  • A hub for knowledge and know-how, as we collect and distribute knowledge, we empower others in their work and we guide collaborations in innovation.
  • Consultants, as we facilitate user involvement and carry out tests and development of products and services. We identify and analyse needs and opportunities, we analyse the potential benefits, we facilitate public-private innovation and we assist in gaining funding.
  • Project facilitators, as we fulfill the role as Programme- or Project Managers, or particpate in projects as a partner or supporting partner.

We are experts within several fields. Among them are:

  • Telemedicine
  • Digital Collaboration
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Corporate Collaboration and Technological Development
  • Robotics Interaction & Logistics
  • Service Design
  • Healthcare Architecture Design
  • Funding, Events and Project Management.



The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is the innovation division in the Region of Southern Denmark.

We are located on Funen, at Forskerparken in Odense and we are structured around our own management and into three units:

• Hospital Design
• Digital Innovation
• Quality & Administration.

About us

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Vice President
Inge Bendixen
+45 2160 4423

Head of Unit
Anne Bach Stisen
+45 2059 8951

Head of Unit
Christian Mercado
+45 2617 6775

Head of Unit
Simon Lindegaard
+45 2122 2224