A Virtual Guide to Rehabilitation

A virtual Guide to rehabilitation is a training program designed so users have access to their training program when it suits them

Project period: Ongoing

In Denmark, municipalities have responsibility for rehabilitation services for citizens in their area. Municipalities identified the need for a more flexible approach to rehabilitation while still maintaining high quality training programs. The Virtual rehabilitation program aims to offer high quality, fun, easy and flexible training program for all citizens.

The virtual portal was developed in 2012 by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark along with Odense and Sønderborg municipalities. The portal undergoes constant updates to meet the needs of health professionals and citizens. Since the beginning of the portal in 2012, health professionals and citizens provide ongoing feedback, latest research and identify future needs, so the portal will continue to offer not only a vast amount of exercises but also high quality training programs.

The virtual guide rehabilitation program is not a replacement for personal contact with a therapist rather a supplement to training where the citizen can take responsibility for their own training program recommended by the therapist. For many the flexibility of the program may also increase their compliance of completing the training program.

Both primary and secondary care services contribute to shaping the content of the training videos. Presently, there are over 500 video exercises with more to come. Training videos are available to diverse patient groups - KOL, cardiovascular, muscle-skeletal and more.

The virtual guide rehabilitation program is available to use on smartphones and tablets and if one has neither of these two devices, the training program is also accessible using the website www.genoptræn.dk. This ensures everyone has the possibility to use the service.

A Virtual Guide to Rehabilitation

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