An analysis project - Digital solutions in pregnancy pathways

Digitization of the public sector in Denmark has increased since the release of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020. New approaches in different areas of health pathways need to be considered. Presently paper pregnancy journals are used to document clinical information regarding the pregnant woman and her baby. The journal remains in the possession of the expectant mother, who presents the paper journal (from the yellow envelope) to doctors midwifes or others involved in her pregnancy care. The digital solution development project owned by the Ministry of Health and managed by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is a project that is exploring new digital solutions to the existing paper journals in pregnancy pathways.


The goal of the project is to perform an analysis by mapping workflows, existing experience with digitization of the pregnancy pathway, both at a national and international level. Additionally, the analysis will consider requests and needs for a digital solutions where 3-4 potential solutions will be considered. The digital solution to replace the paper journal should incorporate access for health professionals to all relevant information associated with the pregnancy pathway. The analysis will be performed by Consultancy Company, QVARTZ and Rambøll Management Consulting, after winning the tender in august 2018.


To develop a digital solution;

  • To ensure a more flexible, precis and individualized pregnancy pathway based on individuals risk and needs
  • To support cross sectorial collaboration and cooperation between midwifes and health visitors, ensuring a more integrated pregnancy pathway for the expectant mother
  • To identify the need for and promote early and preventive action for pregnant women, especially socially disadvantaged women
  • To ensure unity in all sectors in preparing expectant mothers (and partners) for family life as well as prevention of postpartum depression
  • Where pregnant women and healthcare professionals are involved in the process for establishing a digital solution for pregnancy pathways.

The Ministry of Health and the Elderly has ownership for the project’s analysis. The project is managed by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark contributes to;

  • Providing secretariat services to the steering Committee
  • Preparing projects fundament
  • Implementing mini tenders under the State framework agreement in the supply of consultancy services
  • Preparation of tender documents in addition to handling tender process for choice of consultant
  • Project management in relation to time management, management of resources and financial management
  • Contacting and managing of vendors
  • Ongoing quality evaluation on the implementation of the analysis such as choice of methods and ensuring innovations solutions potential
  • Facilitating and participation in workshops.

Furthermore the Health Innovation Centre will be acting on behalf of the Ministry for Health and the Elderly in the procurement process of the digital solution.

The project is carried out in partnership with the Ministry for Health and the Elderly, the Danish Regions, National Association of Local Authorities, Association for General Practitioners and Health Data Agency.

An analysis project - Digital solutions in pregnancy pathways

Project manager
Lone Dalager Kristensen
+45 2965 5548