Becoming Digital Competent Project – developing healthcare professionals competencies in digital solutions

Modern healthcare services are becoming more technological. Digital technology in health and social services is being used to advance collaboration between caregivers alongside supporting improved clinical and welfare pathways for citizens

The digital strategy 2016-2020, main focus is on enhancing digitization within the public sector. The Ministry for Health and Elderly acknowledges health professionals’ role in enhancing digitization in the healthcare services of the future. Therefore, the Ministry for Health and Elderly identifies the need for health professionals to further develop competencies within digital technology as part of an evolving healthcare system.

The “Becoming Digital Competent” project aims to increase digital competency among health professionals working in hospitals and municipalities.

The goal of the project is that health professionals will increase their knowledge and competency in the use of digital technology as part of their work processes, as well as proficiency in and communicating with citizens/patients, caregivers via digital supported healthcare.

The projects target group is health professionals; nurses, dieticians, ergo- and physiotherapists who have digital contact with citizens on a present or future basis and work in hospitals and municipalities in the Region of Southern Denmark Health professional digital contact with citizens involves teaching in patient educational programs, responsible for online guidance, digital rehabilitation for citizens, telemedicine consultations or provide guidance to citizens in use of new technology.

The objectives of the project

  • Enhance knowledge and expertise regarding digital solutions within the healthcare sector
  • Promote confidence among healthcare professionals use in communicating with citizens via digital technology
  • Further healthcare professionals’ skills in educating citizens in practical use of digital devices and technological solutions as part of their treatment, care and/or rehabilitation
  • To plan and develop educational modules for enhancing digital competencies among healthcare professionals.

To achieve the objectives, the project is divided up in two phases

Phase 1, will assess present knowledge and competencies as well as needs and tasks for health professionals to become more digital competent in their work processes but also as a communication tool between caregivers and citizens. The good relationship between health professionals and the citizen is a fundamental factor that needs to be addressed in use of digital solutions and how health professionals can gain competency in their use. Multi-disciplinary workshops involving municipalities, general practitioners and hospitals will be held to identify the needs from all sectors in addition to potential thoughts and concepts to educational modules in advancing digital competencies among health professionals. An educational concept will be developed in this phase

Phase 2, will involve 3 teams of 25 health professionals who will test and complete the newly developed educational modules. The digital competent course will be tried and tested, where feedback from health professional will contribute to an end evaluation of the educational content of the course. Thereby knowledge from the project can instigate educational institutes in providing advanced digital competent courses ensuring sustainability of the project.

Om completion of the project, health professional will play a central role in strengthening digital healthcare services, alongside providing support and guidance to citizens in using digital solutions as part of their healthcare needs.

Becoming Digital Competent project involves many partners;

Region of Southern Denmark
Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark
Steno Diabetes Centre Odense
Varde Municipality
Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality
Kolding Municipality
Kerterminde Municipality
Odense Municipality
Svendborg Municipality
Æro Municipality
Halsnæs Municipality
University College Lillebælt
University College South.




Becoming Digital Competent Project – developing healthcare professionals competencies in digital solutions

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