Partner i Healthcare robotics

When it comes to healthcare robotics, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark support the regional hospitals in pre-analyses, development, test and evaluation, procurement and implementation of robotics solutions

How do you develop valuable robotics solutions for the healthcare sector?

At the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, our experience is that you need to start with the needs of the users and involve the relevant stakeholders throughout the innovation process! New solutions have to add value for the users and the healthcare sector. Therefore it is important to investigate the need, identify and verify use cases and test solutions frequently during the development process. This is done best in a public-private partnership.

Watch the short video where Louise H. Gotfredsen and Karen J. Nielsen tell you more about our work on healthcare robotics.

If you need help facilitating a public-private development project within healthcare robotics you can read more about how the Health Innovation Centre can be a partner in your project in our Partner profile description.


Louise H. Gotfredsen explains,

- Our aim is to enter into collaborations to develop needs-based and valuable solutions for healthcare.


The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark:

                              - We co-create solutions for the future healthcare sector


Partner i Healthcare robotics

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